Jen’s Story

My name is Jennifer Underwood. My family (husband [Dave], four kids [Emily, Jake, Maddie, and Patrick], and a dog [Chai]) recently moved from the Chicago suburbs into the city’s west side (specifically, the East Garfield Park neighborhood). We are also “United States home” to Judy and Kelly, the two international students who lived with us for four years, when they are on breaks, so our home is a noisy, happening place! I’m a former middle school/high school/early college English teacher; now I’m a freelance writer/editor.

My blog generally reflects what I’m learning and passionate about, and that’s pretty eclectic. I think of it as my “life-notes.” It’s a mix of spiritual formation/growth, racial reconciliation, motherhood, poverty, anti-trafficking work, widow and orphan care (primarily in Africa), refugees, the persecuted church, and slices of my life.

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7 thoughts on “Jen’s Story

  1. So great to be able to still keep up with you through the blog… I miss the family terribly 😦 You are part of what made my experience at Sterling something so special. Please email me when you get a chance so we can catch up! I’d love to hear from you. My email is


  2. Hi, Jen-
    It’s great to read your blog and–makes it easier despite the fact that you have moved. Deirdre still misses Emily.

  3. Dear Jen,

    I am sorry I could not make it today because I felt sick from a fever. I think it is my new seasonal or spring fever that I haven’t had in South Korea. I texted my friend teaching in next class to your class around 9 am, but I am not sure if she received my text.

    It was very good assisting you last class.


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