The neon of vanity

Look close--you can see the neon reflected in his eyes!

Look close–you can see the neon reflected in his eyes!

When seen in the light of bright sun, neon doesn’t shine.

You can’t even tell it’s on.

It has to be dark for neon to “look” bright.

My son, Patrick, questions, “Mom, why can’t we look right into the sun?”

Were we able to before sin darkened our souls?

Could we look right at God’s glory, brighter even than the sun He created, and gaze right at it?

Were we able to, moonlike, reflect it? To shine like Moses did—and that even when he wasn’t able to directly LOOK at God?

Anything I create that wars with God for supremacy is like neon,

But to reflect requires abdication of self

And I don’t find that in me.

It must require a looking elsewhere–

Like up.

536224_10202174906961243_2094760043_nTill I’m dazzled.