More Funnies from the Kids

Em is a GREAT older sister. She often doesn't get text space when I write about "funnies" the kids say because she's older and thinks a lot, but I wanted to share this picture because it shows the love she definitely has for her younger siblings (even though they often annoy her.) Thanks, Em.

Here are a few from the last couple of weeks:
-I bought “real” Rice Crispies (usually we get generic, but I had a coupon), and the kids have been commenting on the three characters on the front of the box and learning their names. One morning they were discussing favorites.

“Mine’s Crap,” said Maddie.

Dave, Em, and I looked at each other.

“What, Maddie?” Dave finally asked.

Maddie pointed to the middle character on the box. “You know, that one. There’s Snap (she pointed to the first one), Crap (the second), and Pop.”

-Jake has been having moments of sadness over the upcoming move. I was sitting at my computer when he came and crawled on my lap.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” I asked him.

“I’m going to miss my friends,” he said.

“I understand,” I told him. “I’m going to miss my friends, too.”

He pulled his head back and looked at me, his eyebrows wrinkled. “You have friends?”


-This weekend we were all sitting on the front porch when a police car passed by. “You know,” PJ remarked, “policeman tickle robbers under their arms.”

We questioned him more about why he thought this and then laughed like crazy, but I think I have it figured out. He’s probably been wondering why policemen always tell the “bad guys” to put their hands up and has come up with this as an explanation. Not bad.

-Our verse for devotions a couple weeks ago was “Always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you.” Dave asked the kids if they could “give an answer.” Em said yes and shared the ABC pattern she learned from Sunday School.

“A is for ‘admit you’re a sinner’,” she said. “B is ‘believe that Jesus paid for your sins,’ and C is ‘choose to follow Christ.'”

There was a moment of quiet as they processed; then Jake said, “Hmm, I think I’ll take B and C.” Oh, the insight my kids provide into my own humanity!

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