Crazy but good

This has been a chaotic summer, with the move and the immediate jump into teaching at the international student summer camp at Wheaton Academy. I kept holding out for the end of camp. Though I would be getting myself and our four kids ready for school, there was a sense of a chapter finishing, some peace and order ahead.

Um, no. Last week a couple of international students remained without a host family, and I felt like God kept reminding me of that. I sent out feelers Dave’s way, hoping he would say, “Are you kidding? That would be ridiculous for us this year.”

I threw it out  casually. “Brenda’s still trying to find a home for a couple of girls.”

He grimaced. “Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that.”

Oh, no.

So here we are, less than a week later, with Jane from Vietnam and Nina from China asleep (or probably still awake) upstairs in our not-completely-converted-yet guest-room-turned-teenage-girl-hangout. I think we’re a little bit crazy and I’m exhausted and not seeing an end to the chaos of right now, but I feel God led us in this and I know He will provide every bit of the strength and love I will need.

It’s crazy but good, and I’m holding out for the redemption God provides when all I see is chaos. He doesn’t settle for the calm quiet I desire. He wants more for me and those I love than I can ask or even imagine.

He doesn’t just want “good.” He wants “crazy good.”

I think I’ll hold out for that.

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