Faithful in ALL He does!

Verse for the Day: Our God is faithful in all He does!
All He does!
That’s mindboggling.

I cannot fathom being faithful in all I do. I try. I really do, but not only AM I not faithful (I don’t call my mother faithfully every week; I don’t schedule my doctor appointments on time; I forget when I last changed my kids’ sheets), I CANNOT be faithful in all I do. When I count all my “hats,” they would require me to have a clone—or maybe a couple of them. There are not enough hours in the day and enough brains in my head to even organize everything some days.

BUT GOD! He is FAITHFUL in ALL He does. And His number of responsibilities makes mine look like a single dot from an ultrafine point pen on a sheet of paper the size of China (to name one of my cultural contexts of this time in my life). Yet He is able, competent, and sufficient IN Himself to meet every single one of them, and to meet them well.

And not just “well.” He meets them PERFECTLY. He knows my needs, my children’s needs, my international daughters’ needs, my husband’s needs, my students’ needs, my mother’s and father’s needs, my in-laws’ needs…

His list goes on and on and on. And he is faithful in every single one.


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