Janie (our younger international student) is reading Francis Chan’s

Maddie with her cousin Anna. Two beautiful girls!

for one of her winterim classes (a short January term we have at Wheaton Academy). This means, of course, that I’ve been reading some of it, too. Last night we discussed Chan’s chapter about heroes of the faith, how they were people just like us–but passionate about loving God. I told Jane, “That’s encouraging. They were regular, ordinary people.” But, my words aside, I still have doubts about whether that’s really true. The heroes were just like me? Really? I don’t think so. For instance, did they struggle with the “down–up–down–up–aah!” cycle I follow many days–sometimes accomplishing an entire rotation in a single hour? Were they mixed up, too?
YES! Or at least David was. This morning I talked with my winterim class (Bread of Life; it’s a combination of breadbaking and a Bible study on Christ as the Bread of Life) about avoiding the self-righteousness of the Pharisees. “Find some Scriptures that can help you pray honestly with God, verses that reveal your neediness.”
My search turned up Psalm 40.
Down-up-down-up-Aah! David’s cycle mirrored mine–or I could say that mine mirrors his!
Tight spot–God rescues–David thanks Him.
Praise! David commits to service.
Oh no! Troubles surround him. He focuses on those and loses heart.
Oh no! He understands more and more of his sinfulness!
“I can’t see!” he cries.
Bad people–trying to bring him down.
“May you be brought to disgrace,” he cries.
And finally, “Oh, Lord, think of me. You are my help.
Do not delay.”
That’s awesome!
That’s ME!
And that’s encouraging!

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