I want your thoughts

A couple weeks ago Dave went to hear Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz and several other books that Dave and I have each really enjoyed) speak at Wheaton College. A few days after that Dave read aloud to me a blog post written by one of his former soccer players who had also gone to hear Donald Miller speak. The former soccer player’s post focused on the advice Miller gave to a crowd of mostly college-age kids (I’m at the age I can say that now) who are also, mostly, wondering what “God’s WILL” is for their lives. Miller told these kids to do whatever they want to do, whatever their hearts desire. His premise is that God created us and gives us passions, so we should follow those passions until God makes it clear otherwise.

Former Soccer Player was fascinated with Miller’s reply, but he had a few questions in response. What if we follow our dreams and they don’t work out? What if our passions are frustrated, and, though there are other options, those don’t excite us? What then? Do we give up on our dreams? Do we “settle”? Is the problem, then, with our dreams, with us?

Those are questions I’ve certainly thought a lot about, since writing has always been a passion, and my pursuit of it has prompted guilt (am I going after this simply because I want it? It seems so selfish.) and despair (will anything ever come of this?) as well as great joy (I simply love to write). I have my own ideas about these questions, but I’d also like to hear from others. I’m going to check back on Former Soccer Player’s blog and read the comments his readers leave, but my suspicion is that many of his readers are also 20-somethings and will have the perspective of 20-somethings. Most of you who read mine, however, are, well, we’ll say, “more experienced.” What has your “experience” taught you about frustrated dreams–or dreams that are not quickly realized–or perhaps, NEVER realized? Would you mind leaving a comment?



From the left, Em, Jane, and Em's long-time friend, Bekah

9 thoughts on “I want your thoughts

  1. Ahh… a delight to be a fly om your wall and listen in on the words and wisdom of 2 special “Little House on the Prairie” girls- now women.. You do know I called you that, right?>>> That sweet group of girls that I taught the children’s Precept Bible Study.to after school. God has graciously done a lot in our lives since then-most of it unexpected!

    • Anne’s comments were awesome, weren’t they! I didn’t know you called us that–or maybe I just don’t remember! ! I DO remember the precept study! My first learning how to really dig into it. Boy, He has been gracious, hasn’t He!

  2. Can our passion and dreams change? I ask myself that also. Still thinking before I respond more. Maybe we should talk over coffee.

  3. As long as I’m on a roll posting… 🙂
    I love seeing pictures of your children on here. Every now and then I see flashes of you as a child and every now and then Joshua as a child. It is both a delightful and a somewhat surreal experience. Either way, it brings back great, warm memories.

    • We did have some wonderful times, didn’t we! I still remember playing hide-and-seek, for hours it seemed like, at your house. I’m glad you posted! And, really, what you wrote is amazing.

  4. I think sometimes our passions match God’s desires. I think that we are given talents and abilities and that those gifts match what God has planned for us. My talents and abilities led me into theatre and into teaching. It has been my mission field for 20+ years now. I love every minute of it.
    But I think we can also have passions and desires that God says no to because they get in the way of what He needs us to do. I have never married and have no kids and that is certainly not how I would have planned my life. Perhaps a husband and children would have kept me from working a particular job with a particular person who needed to be touched. Who is to say? I certainly don’t know the maze of God’s plan. It is a struggle learning to be content where we are placed. It is sometimes a struggle learning to be blessed by where we are if our passions lead us in a different direction.
    Sometimes passions don’t get to be fulfilled for whatever reason. I don’t know that God so much cares if we feel “fulfilled”. I think He cares that we are obedient and that we find contentment in that.

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