What a way to start the day

Jake and Patrick were doing some kind of chant-dance. I just asked Patrick what they were saying in this picture. "Ooh-ha, ooh-ha. Something like that, Mom."

As usual Jake was the last one to get out of the car when I dropped the kids off at our carpool meeting spot. Just before he closed the door, I turned around in my seat and said, “Bye, J-man, have a great day.”

He gave me his impish sideways grin. “Goodbye, elderly mother.”

I started laughing. “What?”

“Wait.” His eyebrows wrinkled. “What does that mean?”

“Old,” I said, “very old.”

“Oh.” He was visibly thinking, and for a second I thought I might get a compliment, or at least an apology.

Not this morning.

“Well, it is true, Mom. You are really old. Bye.”

It’s a good thing I taught middle school years ago and developed a thick skin. I’ve discovered I need one as a mom, too!

3 thoughts on “What a way to start the day

  1. I recently turned 45, which I’m okay with most of the time. But there was a moment a few weeks ago when I wasn’t. My son knew my birthday was approaching and he asked how old I would turn. I answered 45. His response: “Wow Mom, that’s half way to 90!” It took me a couple of hours to recover from that one, thick skin and all.

    • ouch! I’m glad Jake can’t do that much math yet! I’ll never forget when you were about to turn 40 (and I was only about 2 years away from it), and we were talking about it at writers’ group, and Marian said, “Oh, don’t worry. There’s lots of life after 40.” I still hold onto that comment.

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