Quick update

This is PJ jumping in an ice-cold, snow-melt lake in Montana, where we vacationed a couple weeks ago. Seriously, my ankles HURT after standing in the water just a few seconds, and my crazy guy literally jumped in it–and then huddled on the sun-warm pebbles shaking from the cold just a few minutes later.

Hi all, I haven’t written anything in the last week, and I’m a little too brain-fried to do anything right now, but just wanted to update on the past couple of weeks. On July 6 I began teaching at a month-long international-student English camp at Indiana Wesleyan University. Each day I interact with about 65 students (most of them from China, with a few from Korea, and one from Vietnam–yes, that would be my girl Jane, for those of you who have followed my blog for awhile). I’m teaching one reading and vocab class and two study skills classes. These kids are smart and funny, and it’s a joy to help them improve in their English skills.

My being in Indiana for the month means Dave is taking care of the four kids alone (except on weekends, when I travel back home). I’m grateful for his willingness to do this, and I’m glad to be able to have this different kind of teaching opportunity.

Thanks for reading,

The four Underwood warriors brandishing their walking sticks before a hike in Custer National Park in Montana.


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