“blankets handmade by women. women handmade by God.”

“Blankets handmade by women. Women handmade by God” is a phrase used by HandandCloth.org to describe the kantha blankets they sell and the  Bengali women who make them. These women would otherwise be in very at-risk environments but have been rescued and given the opportunity to make a healthy living, hear the Gospel, and grow in faith in Christ.

These are some of the prayer cards that Sarah gave me today. Twenty-six women work at Basha (the company in Bangladesh), and one is featured on each card with her prayer requests.

I had the privilege today of hearing Sarah Aulie, a Wheaton Academy alum, describe this work and how she came to be doing it–a wonderful journey that seemed winding at the time but now, on looking back, was extremely purposeful. She showed us one of the beautiful kantha blankets she sells and shared the stories of four of the women who make them at their business in Bangladesh. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful ministry (or “business as mission,” as Sarah describes it) that offers “work and Word,” “livelihood and Life,” visit the web site at http://www.handandcloth.org. And if you want to get a jumpstart on Christmas presents, the blankets are each one of a kind and beautiful.

2 thoughts on ““blankets handmade by women. women handmade by God.”

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