MORE from the MOST

I want more today. Not superficial, “getting through the day” more. Not more “stuff” or money or even time. I want the 24 hours, the 1.440 minutes, the 86,400 seconds I have been gifted with to be filled with MORE. I want to be more aware that I spend each of those seconds with my hand held by my Abba Father. I want to walk each step as a redeemed person, made new and whole. I want x-ray vision to see into the hearts of people instead of getting hung up on their outsides. I want more of the eternal, the true and the truly good. I want to be so overwhelmed, so wonderfilled by my relationship with my Redeemer that it shines from my face like it did from Moses’s. And I DON’T want to wear a veil.
I want more from each minute I spend with loved ones today. Heck, I want more from each minute I spend with any fellow God-creation today.
I want more from each minute, period! This minute I am eating an orange (and typing, of course). I want to get more out of this orange. I want to savor the burst of juice in my mouth and appreciate that amazing mix of tart and sweet. I want to be awed by a God who thought up such an incredible treat, packaged just right—and who likes me to enjoy it.
HE wants more for me! He didn’t sacrifice so I could meander through life and relationships and work and get nothing more out of them than an unredeemed person can.
He wants the MOST for me.
He wants Himself, the MOST High God, for me—in every minute. Now and forever! Here and for eternity.
So. I. want. more.
More of the ONE
who is the MOST of all.

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