a tired day

This is the rain on my car sunroof today.

This is the rain on my car sunroof today.

I’m tired.

I’ve pumped caffeine into my system, but still… I’m tired.

The day is tired: wet and dreary, windy and dark.

The weather is tired. Unlike last year—when Spring sprung early—she is tardy with a capital T this year. The tree limbs are dark and bare and it’s downright cold out there.

Our schedule is tired: on top of the usual studying, teaching, writing, five of the eight of us are either coaching or playing soccer on four different teams and I’m directing a small play. And the poor boys get dragged around to everything—and that makes them tired.

If I were to let myself be swayed completely by my feelings and the lack of sunlight, I’d just crawl under my down comforter (which is STILL necessary!) and not come out for a good long while. Maybe I’d read a book and pretend myself into a sunlit world.

I’m really, really, really glad that the way I feel doesn’t change YOU, God.

You are the same: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

No matter what the weather.

(And no matter how busy Your schedule!)

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