Live in Chicago’s western suburbs? Want to get involved in the local battle against sex trafficking?

In a little less than a month, the West Chicagoland Anti-Trafficking Coalition will hold an event in downtown Wheaton. If you live in this area and have been wanting to get more involved in the local battle against sex trafficking, plan to attend. Area ministries will have booths set up and reps will be available to visit and talk. There will also be a panel discussion with key local leaders.

So come!

When? May 1, 7 p.m.

Where? TEAM’s The Mission Place, 370 West Front Street, Wheaton, IL

Want more information or to stay updated? Visit the West Chicagoland Anti-Trafficking Coalition’s Facebook page. If you want to be included on the prayer team, scroll down to an entry posted March 3 and respond to it.

There is also a training seminar on May 10 presented by Salvation Army’s Promise program (excellent training–I’ve gone to a shortened version of this seminar). Follow the link above for more information.

One last thing: New Name is a local outreach to trafficked and prostituted women. Each time the ministry makes contact with a woman, it gives them a small gift and a handmade card. Each card has a verse of encouragement and hope on it. The women LOVE these cards and sometimes even hang them up at work. If you live in the West Chicago/Wheaton area, enjoy doing crafts, and would like to make cards for New Name, leave me a comment and I can follow up with you and give you more information.

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