As we grieve the nine men and women who were killed–and grieve so much else as well–I have a few links to share. They’re not directly related to this horrific hate crime, but our reaction to this shouldn’t be only a reaction to THIS but to a much bigger issue.

The first two links are to articles by Christena Cleveland. The first is an easier read. The second is to an excerpt from her book Disunity in Christ and is a more academic read. Both are excellent.

“Three Reasons Why I Hate Diversity”

“How Divisions Are Killing Us and Why We Should Care”

This link is to an article by a fellow member of the Redbud Writers Guild, Jenny Rae Armstrong. It’s titled “I’m Stupid about Racism. Are You?”

And here’s one more by another fellow Redbud, Bronwyn Lea. It’s titled “A Letter from a White South African to White Americans.”

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