Scotland pics

We had an awesome day–I hope to post about it sometime tomorrow (or in the airport the following day)–but I’m just posting a few pics tonight. I really need to gather some of the best from the team to post here; some of them have taken amazing pictures.


St. Andrews’ Caslte to the left–and Abby and Britta looking out to sea.

swilcan bridge

the students on Swilcan Bridge at the golf course

dave on beach

Dave looking at the students. He didn’t want sand in HIS boots!

St andrews

the view from inside St. Andrews’ castle looking down at the sea just below. See the birds nesting on the ledge?

Max on beach

Max trying to leap from the rock to the shore without getting too wet! (He didn’t succeed!)

poppy in sunlight

A poppy on the gate at St. Andrews’ cathedral (hung here to remember fallen soldiers, particularly unknown ones)

Carson on rock

Carson standing on the cathedral ruins

St. Andrews chapel

the chapel at St. Andrews

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