Still not adding sugar to my coffee, but…

Coffee with only creamer–

My tastebuds were convinced it was nasty crap.

I found myself avoiding it,

And drinking chai or spice tea instead.

Lots of sugar there.

Kind of defeating the purpose of the entire experiment.

So I tried flavored creamer.

Hmm. Better–and still not nearly as sweet as I usually have my coffee.

So, step in the right direction?

Or cheating?

Sugar-free coffee–yuck

I am on day four of drinking my coffee without sugar!

I miss the sugar.

A lot!

I add cinnamon.

It’s not the same.

Not at all.

But if I’m going to kick (or, in Biblical terms, “put to death”) my addiction to sugar, I think it needs to start with the biggest culprit of all.

Have I mentioned that I add a LOT of sugar to my coffee?

So much so that close friends joke, “So, are you going to have coffee with your sugar?”

My husband calls it my “kid-coffee.”

And they’re right.

I told my mother-in-law about my decision, and she—knowing I generally disdain the little sugar packets she uses in her coffee, knowing I go for the scooper and the five-pound bag she keeps tucked way back in the cupboard—she suggested I wean myself gradually.

I’ve tried that.

I cheat.

Three level teaspoons, rounded teaspoons, heaping teaspoons…hmm, what’s the real difference? Maybe I should go for four—or five! It’s just a few extra calories.

Somehow cold turkey feels right.

Well, not exactly “right.”

It feels necessary.