Look Alikes

Jake, Patrick, and Maddie

We keep a journal of funny things our kids say or do. I thought I’d share a couple with you today. These are both about the wonderful color-blindness of our children.

One day in the car, Em, then 9, mentioned that someone had recently told her how much she and Jake, one of our then-6-year-old twins, look alike. “Yeah,” said Dave, my husband, “you two are very like each other.”
From the backseat, Maddie (the other twin) piped up, “Yeah, and me and Patrick look alike.” (Patrick is our youngest; he’s adopted from Uganda.)
Pause, then, “Except that his skin is brown and mine isn’t.”

Jake was in the hallway at church when his buddy Christian walked by and said, “Jake, is that you?”
This puzzled Jake–why hadn’t his friend recognized him?
After thinking for a few minutes, Jake offered the suggestion: “I think he thought I was Patrick.”

2 thoughts on “Look Alikes

  1. Hi Jen, it’s Kim Marvin. I’m a sucker for a good blog and I “lost” yours when you were bringing Patrick home. I need to find that and read about your adventure!
    Anyhow, I had to reply to this because we drive a little boy from our church to and from school 3 days a week– he was adopted by his widowed grandmother who is not at all healthy and he has a black father and he looks black. He is darling and we love him– he is part of our family those days. Oh, and his name is Chase.
    So the other day, our 4 year old “princess” Sarah Kate says, “Mom, Mrs. X thinks that I’m Chase!! How could she think that WHEN I’M WEARING THIS DRESS???” I just thought it was so funny that she didn’t say “because he is black” or “because he is a boy.” It totally had to do with the particular dress she was wearing that day!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Kim,
      How are you, David and the whole family! Loved hearing your story about Chase! Kids see things so much more clearly than we do. I know already I’m going to miss the wonderful things mine say when they get too big. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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