Spirit Week

It’s homecoming week at Wheaton Academy, with a different theme for each day. This past Saturday we took Jane on her first excursion to St. Vincent Du Paul’s (my all-time favorite thrift store) to find clothes for the week. I got a bright yellow t-shirt with “I HEART Movies” on the front for Color Day (faculty got yellow) and a vest/pant combo for 70s Day, forgetting that, oops, I don’t teach on Thursdays!

So yesterday morning (Monday: color day) I sported the glaring t-shirt, a pair of big neon-yellow earrings borrowed from Emily, and a yellow African scarf around my neck. Still, I was nowhere near the most outlandishly dressed teacher (one of the math teachers wore a banana suit; another wore a yellow tiger costume), and I almost forgot that I wasn’t dressed in normal teaching clothes.

Which is why, I guess, that when I left school after fourth period and went to a meeting with the director of PJ’s preschool, I completely forgot what I looked like. We chatted for a few minutes before I realized. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” I said, my hand flying to the garish hoops at my ears, “It’s spirit days at school, and I forgot I had all this stuff on.”

She waved it off. “It’s no big deal.”

Sure, I thought. Now she thinks I’m a freak.

But then she continued. “You should have been here last Friday. It was pajama day!”

You gotta’ love preschool.


Today, Tuesday, was clash day, a spirit week favorite. My first time to “clash” was years ago. I was teaching middle school, just out of college, and afraid to look truly unprofessional. So I dressed for this day a little too conservatively, and I learned: when people tilt their heads to the side when they look at you, trying to decide if you really MEANT to clash or not, you haven’t gotten it.

So today, I clashed–big time! You can see the picture for proof. But when Jake walked into the bathroom this morning, he said, “Looking good, Mom,” and gave me a thumbs-up–and he was completely serious. (If we didn’t already know he is color blind, we would have figured it out today.)

A few minutes later I went to Maddie’s room to wake her. She rubbed sleep from her eyes and then actually saw me. She woke up in a hurry, her eyes wide, wide, wide. “Mom?!”

“It’s okay. It’s clash day at school,” I told her.


They ARE twins, right?

Oh, and this day I DID remember to change before I went to pick PJ up from school!

4 thoughts on “Spirit Week

  1. Wow! That’s a crazy outfit, but I think you can get away with it. I just want to hear about the looks you got after you went to the grocery store, for example! 🙂

    Hey, we will be in the Wheaton area sometime next Spring…it would be great to see you again!

      • Hey Jen! Yes, we’ve lived in Vienna, Austria the last six years. On Monday we flew back to the US for our Home Assignment, and we are currently in Seattle, WA, where my husband is from. We’ll be back in the midwest from February to June 2012. Doing well…enjoying some peace and quiet away from city life for a while, although I’m really missing the convenience of a grocery store right underneath us!

        • Hi Melissa,
          I hope your adjustment back to the States has been good, though I know that it’s hard when you don’t really have a place to settle and you’re travelling with little ones. I finally saw your full comment from the last time about coming to Wheaton in the spring. Please let me know when you actually have set plans to be here. I would love to get together! I know what you mean about the grocery store. Before moving back to West Chicago, we lived in a tiny town in Kansas and the grocery store was two blocks down–could be there and back on my bike in less than ten minutes for a one-item trip. Now, back in the burbs, everything is a drive. I’m learning that God has more in His plans for me than my desire for simplicity. Thanks for writing.

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