Jake and Marriage

Jake’s been thinking about marriage lately—his own. A couple of weeks ago he seemed pensive when I picked him up from school. “What’s wrong, dude?” I asked.

“Dakota broke up with me,” he sighed. “She still likes me, but she doesn’t love me anymore.”

Em was pragmatic (a very different attitude than her approach to her own “love life”). “Well, it’s not like you were going to marry her.”

Jake protested. “I might. I’ve got to start looking now, you know, start preparing.”

Then, over the weekend, Jake reminded us of his children’s names (we’ve had some of this conversation before). “My first boy is going to be named ‘Tucker,’” he said. “Tucker Thomas—the Thomas is for you and me, Dad.”

“What?” Dave asked. “Doesn’t your wife get a say?”

Jake’s face crinkled up like we were missing something obvious. “Not with the boys’ names, Dad. She gets to name the girls.”

“What if you only have boys?” I asked.

He had to think about that one. “Then I guess she gets to name the second boy.”

He didn’t seem too happy about it.

8 thoughts on “Jake and Marriage

      • I’ve missed you too during this period. Lauren Cox and I mention your name quite a bit. There is do much to talk about since I’ve gotten hitched! And no, I am not sending subliminal messages…I realized after I sent it that there was the risk of interpretation.:) Sorry about that.

        • I miss both you and Lauren Cox–and so many others in Sterling. It’s such a special place. I laughed about your response–no subliminal messages. Another former-student-now-friend (also recently married) just told me she IS pregnant, so I might be really in tune to that! I would love to hear about your life since marriage! Would you want to email me? (a bit more private). You can reach me at junderwood@wheatonacademy.org. Jen

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