Waste not

Even things like common grasses are not wasted. So much beauty even in the individual stalks!

I hate waste. I’m actually a little weird about it. Wasted time, wasted food, wasted money, I hate them all. I almost never throw leftovers away. They get turned into second meals or fed to the dog (good thing she’s skinny). I started knitting so I could “do” something in those odd, spare moments. Rather than buy something, I’m always tempted to “jerry-rig” an alternative.

A week ago, I talked to a friend who was considering applying for a job she would enjoy very much. She told me it was a long shot and wondered if she should even bother. I told her: “You know, even if you don’t get the job, God will still use the experience. He doesn’t waste anything.”

Then I said, “Wow, that just came out, but I like it. I’d never thought of that idea in those exact words.”

If God is sovereign, nothing is wasted.

Nothing. If my friend does not get this job, He will use the disappointment to draw her closer to Him, and He will use it in other ways she will not be able to see. His powers of orchestration are amazing. Not a bit of the process will be without value.

What an awesome truth: that God can use, DOES use, things we consider a waste. Dry times, disappointments, failed endeavors, even seasons when the “mundane” seems to occupy so much of our time—these will be used. Even if we are not able to see HOW, we can trust in a God who is incredibly creative, always purposeful, and all-powerful.


Emily recently taught the twins how to run “suicides.”


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