Kids’ words: from marriage to books

Jake showing off his, hmm, “muscles”

Every once in awhile, I post funny things  kids say. Here are a few that I actually remembered to put in my journal.

We were driving back from Philly at the end of spring break when the younger three had this conversation:

PJ: I’m gonna’ be Jake’s grandpa. ‘Cause he’s not getting married.

NOTE: Obviously, PJ does not understand family relations.

Jake: Well, I don’t know. I might get married.

Maddie Oh, he will. I know it deep in my heart. He will.

Jake: I just may not find the correct woman. She has to love Jesus and obey the laws of Scripture.

Dave and I looked each other and almost laughed, since he sounded like such a little legalist. He did study Moses in Bible class this spring. Maybe that was it.

Dave said, “And she needs to be smokin’ hot.”

Pause. Then,

Jake: Why does she have to be smokin’ hot?


We stopped at a gas station (same trip) and Dave cleaned the windshield. “Whoa!” PJ said, “Daddy’s shaving the car.”


And here’s one that made my English-teacher heart go thump-thump:

Maddie, cooled off after a run through the sprinkler at Nana and Papa’s house last weekend.

PJ: Movies are better than books.

Me: No! Books are way better.

Maddie: Yeah, books ARE better. You can store pictures in your mind.






Patrick, Maddie, and Jake, after running through the sprinklers, using their towels as capes and posing as superheroes.

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