One lace sock

There’s a lot going on right now for my family (end of school year–both for the kids and for me and Dave; end of the soccer season for Dave; Nina and Jane’s–our international students–exams and packing [and that, considering the state of their room, is a MAJOR task]; and, of course, our move into a new house). So, although I’ve been doing lots of praying/reflecting, I have not been doing a lot of writing/reflecting–which is what usually results in blog posts.

But today was a gift–full of unhurried time with the younger three on a field trip (with my weird teaching schedule, I rarely get to go on these) to Blackberry Farm. God rested my rushed soul with enjoyment of Jake, Maddie, and Patrick at the stages they are in right now while we walked through the barns and different learning centers. Then tonight the younger three joined me on a bike-run with Chai while Em put the finishing touches on dinner.

And THAT is what I’m grabbing a few minutes to write about–because it was hilarious, especially in retrospect. Chai (the dog) and I jetted out, as usual, while Jake, Maddie, and Patrick followed behind on the sidewalk. I was around the corner from them when I heard: “Mo-om!”


I turned around to check on him, but he was pedaling toward me. A neighbor friend called out from her yard to provide the answer. “His shoelace got stuck in his chain. I got it out, but you’ll definitely need to do a re-tie.”

I caught up with the kids stopped at the corner and tied his shoelace, double-knotting it for good measure.

We’d made it half a block.

A full block later, Chai and I were ahead again. “Mo-om!” Patrick–again. We turned around–again. This time his pants leg had gotten stuck in the chain. I turned his wheel backwards and freed it.

We made it two blocks this time. “Mo-om!”

Somehow his shoelace–the one I tied–had gotten wrapped AROUND the pedal! As I freed it, I noticed that he had on a lace-topped sock.

“Dude! Why are you wearing a frilly sock?” I lifted his other pant leg. “And on only one foot?” I peeled the lace-topped sock down. “And why are you wearing it over YOUR sock?”

Maddie looked closer. “Hey! That’s MY sock!”

He shrugged, but we’re both looking at him, so he had to come up with something. “It was on your bed.”

“And that explains why you put it on?”

“Well, my other sock was cold.”

I tapped his other foot. “But not this one?”


One lace sock and the gift of humor.

I may still be tired, but I’m also refreshed.

And speaking of the end of the soccer season, here’s a pic I took of the girls lifting the regional champs plaque last week. Unfortunately, they were stopped in the sectional final, but still–great season, great girls!

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