We’re in Uganda

We missed our flight from Kenya to Uganda this morning, so we ended up hanging out at the Nairobi airport much of the day. That translates to a lot of walking the one long hallway, looking at Kenyan items in the gift shops, and buying–and eating–chocolate.

We were able to let Wilfred know we would be delayed, but the people he was sending to pick us up had already left, so we knew they were having to hang out in Entebbe (the town the airport is in in Uganda).

We arrived at the airport in Entebbe, Uganda, a little after 7. We had no problems with bags or customs or visas but saw no one to pick us up when we emerged into the night. We fended off taxi and bus (matatu) drivers for awhile, and then Dave and I paid a dollar to a woman at a phone kiosk so we could use her phone to call Wilfred. He said people were on their way, so we were able to truthfully send away the still-hanging-on-and-growing-hopeful drivers. To my great joy, one of the people who came was Angel (a good friend from the weeks I stayed in Uganda while Patrick’s adoption was being finalized).

We had a long, exhaust- and traffic-filled trip from Entebbe to Kampala and then along its edge and out again to the “suburb” of Nansana. Angel and I chatted the whole way, and she filled me in on some of the changes that have happened since I was last here. I have not been to Uganda in 4 1/2 years, but I was surprised by how familiar everything felt as we drove. Kampala is the city that never sleeps. The activity along the roadsides is the same as it would be at 12 noon.

We are staying at Wilfred and Vena’s home/guesthouse, so we get the opportunity of really seeing how a Ugandan household works. We’re all settling in late tonight, and fatigue has set in, so please pray for us as we form friendships and share love on the second half of this trip.

Tomorrow we experience Light the World Church’s worship service and then will go out to Mercy House and play soccer with some of the older boys.

All for now–very tired.



One thought on “We’re in Uganda

  1. So sorry for the missed flight and exhausting day. Hope all ere able to get some rest. Praying for good relationship encounters. Blessings. Mom U

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